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Asset Allocation and Portfolio Planning

I will work with you using a process that focusses on you and your goals, integrating investment decisions with your immediate financial needs and desired aspirations.  

This process encompasses four steps: 

1. Personal Review

Before I can advise you, I must understand you and your goals.  I will guide you through an extensive discovery process to identify your objectives, time horizon, tolerance for risk, and other considerations that may play a role in shaping your investment strategy. 

2. Asset Allocation and Portfolio Planning

Your input drives the development of a 'personalize financial strategy'.  Designed to help you meet your specific needs, it addresses areas such as retirement, education expenses, estate planning, and tax minimization potential.  When my analysis complete, I will present to you an investment strategy that helps to identify appropriate diversification for your portfolio. 

3. Implementation

After I have discussed and refined your strategy, I will work closely with you to bring the elements to life.  Should we decide that outside money managers are appropriate for you, I will help you select from the hundreds of investment management firms available to you.  If you prefer to invest in individual securities, I can help identify specific stocks, bonds, and other securities that may be suitable for your portfolio.  Whatever approach we decide on together, I will help you keep your strategy on track. 

4. Ongoing Communications and Reporting

I view ongoing communication as the foundation of our successful collaboration with you.  I will make every effort to keep abreast of your changing financial needs and provide viable strategies to help you meet them.  This means reviewing your portfolio together at your request.  When your circumstances change, I will work with you to revise your strategy and reposition your assets to reflect your new needs and goals. 

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