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Managing Business & Personal Wealth

As a business owner, you know that your business finances and personal finances are closely linked and that managing them requires an integrated approach.  My first goal will be to develop an understanding of the dual dimensions of your financial life - an understanding of how you built your wealth, where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.  Only then can I effectively suggest how your personal assets can support your business growth, and how your business can help you meet your personal goals. 

Together, we can undertake a five-step process: 

1. Setting your financial objectives

I begin by thoroughly reviewing your current financial resources, objectives, and other circumstances that might influence your investment strategy.  We will discuss your time horizon and tolerance for risk, as well as any current and potential liabilities.  Importantly, we will also examine your business's financial characteristics and performance, its day-to-day cash needs, and strategies and financial requirements for growth.  

2. Developing your financial management strategy

Working from our understanding of you and your personal and business objectives, I will propose financial strategies designed to help you meet those goals.  My advice may encompass issues such as retirement planning, business continuation and succession, debt restructuring, tax minimization potential, and wealth transfer.  You will also receive an asset allocation strategy designed to provide diversification for your portfolio.  

3. Implementing your investment strategy

After we have discussed and refined your strategy, I will work closely with you to bring the elements to life.  Should we decide together that outside money managers are appropriate for you, I will draw on in-depth research and analysis to help you select from the hundreds of investment management firms available to you.  If you prefer to invest in individual securities, I can help identify specific stocks, bonds, and other securities that may be suitable for your portfolio.  Whatever approach we decide on, the team will help you keep your strategy on track. 

4. Providing business solutions

Based on my analysis of your business challenges and obstacles, We help structure and deliver services to help you take your business to the next level. 

5. Reviewing objectives and performance

Milestones like marriage, children and grandchildren, buying and selling a home, retirement, and starting another business or selling your current one can all have an effect on your plan and on the right course to meeting your objectives.  I will frequently and systematically review your wealth plan with you so we can help you adapt to changes in your life.  And I will work with you to evaluate your investment portfolio over time, suggesting adjustments as necessary, so that your investment strategy continuously reflects your evolving needs and goals.  

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